Prep & Eats

Prep & Eats

There’s an art to enjoying lobster, whether flawlessly cracking a shell, finding a cutting-edge seafood chef, or perfectly pairing your wine. Learn the wheres and hows of a delicious lobster meal. (The whys, of course, should be obvious.)

Preparing Maine Lobster Articles

How do you crack a shell like a Maine-born pro? What’s better—steamed, boiled or grilled? Before you enjoy that first, perfect bite of a Maine Lobster, you need to master your lobster prep.

Go Beyond Lobster Rolls

Although we believe you can never have too many Maine lobster rolls, we also believe …

Prepping Maine Lobster Tails Is Easy as 1-2-Eat

We’re not saying you can’t go wrong when preparing lobster tails—but with so many right …

Maine Lobster Recipes

There are endless ways to serve the sweetest, most tender lobster in the world—and we’re pretty sure you’re going to want to try them all.