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'Summer may be coming to an end, but lobster rolls are timeless.'
HONESTLY YUM - Nothing epitomizes summer more than a lobster boil. It’s best enjoyed outdoors and with friends excited to get their hands dirty and their bellies full. And the best thing about a lobster boil is that it feeds so many people, but you actually spend very little time actually cooking.
REAL SIMPLE - If you’re shelling out for the good stuff, you want to be able to extricate every precious morsel. Lorri Cousens, a co-owner of the acclaimed Waterman’s Beach Lobster stand, in South Thomaston, Maine, shares her foolproof method for cracking and dismantling, without looking like a klutz. Watch as Real Simple Food Director Sarah Copeland demonstrates
BANGOR DAILY NEWS by Sarah Walker Caron - Love lobster? Maine lobster is famous — and delicious. And these seven lobster recipes are perfect for transforming our favorite crustaceans into something deliciously different.
WALL STREET JOURNAL by Elizabeth Gunnison Dunn - This tasty crustacean has accrued stratospheric snob appeal over the years. Now, thanks to record hauls and plunging prices, it's showing up in downright democratic dishes. Tacos, anyone?
RESTAURANT BUSINESS by Tristan Artchisan, sous chef, Providence Restaurant, Los Angeles CA - Summer is the time when Maine lobster is most abundant and cost effective.
BANGOR DAILY NEWS, By Kathleen Pierce, BDN Staff
PORTLAND PRESS HERALD, by Jennifer Van Allen: Fishermen hope prices rise as the sweet, sustainable delicacy is promoted...
Posted by Barton Seaver of National Geographic Society in Ocean Views on June 25, 2014
Yahoo Foods: Rachel Tepper Associate Food Editor
Op-Ed by Maine Lobster Marketng Collaborative Chair Frank Gotwals-BDN
In reverence of this tasty occasion, editorial assistant Matthew Moore recounts his first lobster-cooking experience
Push Play Eat Blog RE: Maine Lobster, by Lisa Comento
Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR SEARCH
KENNEBUNK POST Clam Shack owner Steve Kingston holds a lobster beside Steve Harvey during the taping of Harvey’s show, "Great American Food Fight!”
THE DAILY BEAST, Scott Bixby: My Big, Buttery Lobster Roll Rumble: We Came, We Clawed, We Conquered
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