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New Shell Lobster

Maine is famous for its new shell lobster -- tender, delicious lobster that you can break open with your bare hands.  This delicacy is available only during harvest time, so make sure to ask for new shell lobster if you're in New England between July and October.

Easy to Eat

Anyone who has had to resort to a hammer to get the meat from a hard shell lobster can easily understand one of the benefits of a new shell.  You can usually break the shell open with your bare hands to access the tender meat inside.  This means that you spend more time enjoying your delicious meal and less time wielding tools.

Tasty and Tender

Although lobster aficionados are divided in their preferences for tail meat versus claw meat, they tend to agree that new shell lobsters are a delicacy not to be missed.  After the lobster has shed its thick old shell and is sporting a larger new shell, the meat is at its most flavorful and tender. 

Available for a limited time only

Maine lobstermen harvest the majority of their lobsters during the time when lobster are shedding their old shells, yielding an annual crop of new shell lobsters primarily between July and October.  Because the more delicate new shell lobsters are difficult to ship long distances, you have to come to Maine (or at least New England) to experience this  special treat.  You often find both hard and new shells available during the season, so make sure to ask for a New Shell if you want a truly delightful lobster experience.
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