The Lobstermen

Bruce Fernald

Islesford, Hancock County

Even by Maine standards, Bruce Fernald’s connection to fishing runs deep – he’s a 6th …

Andy Grove

Stonington, Jericho Bay

Andrew Gove, 83, is a man who sticks to things. Take, for instance, lobstering. On …

The Gamage Family

South Bristol, Muscongus Bay

On a crisp March morning, Arnie Gamage Jr., 59, and his sons, Adam, 36, and …

Sam Hyler

Islesford, Frenchman’s Bay

It’s amazing what a bit of bad weather can do to you when you are …

Genevieve McDonald

Stonington, Penobscot Bay

Genevieve McDonald, 32, of Stonington, was one of 11 young Maine lobster harvesters who traveled …

John Olson

Cushing, St. George River, Muscongus Bay

John Olson has been lobstering for a long time. When the 91-year-old Cushing man was …

Meet our Lobstermen

The State of Maine

The Maine Lobster industry is made up of 5,200 individual lobstermen.   .