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Easy Maine Lobster Rangoons

Submitted by: Julienne Guyette
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(24 servings)

1 pound cream cheese

2 scallions, sliced fine

1 Tablespoons ginger, grated fine

8 ounces Maine Lobster meat, cooked (fresh or frozen), sliced

24 Wonton wrappers

oil for pan frying


In a medium sized bowl cream together cream cheese with the sliced scallions and grated ginger.  Blend in the sliced Maine lobster meat.


Position a wonton wrapper with 1 point toward you.  Spoon a generous teaspoon of filling in the center of the wonton.  Moisten the sides of the wonton wrapper lightly with water and fold the wrapper in half to make a triangle, pressing down on the sides to seal the moist edges.  Make an additional fold on the two long points of the triangle up for a crown-like appearance.  Repeat with remaining filling and wrappers.


Fry wontons in hot 375°F oil in deep fry or shallow pan fry, a few at a time, turning once, about 30 seconds each side, or until golden brown.  Drain on paper towel and serve immediately or keep warm and crisp in warm 200°F oven.


Traditionally eaten plain, or with duck sauce.


These can be frozen if properly stored for up to 6 months.  Reheat single layer on sheet tray for 20 minutes in 350°F oven.


Nutritional facts each:
(before frying)

calories                 99.8

carbohydrate          5.5  g

cholesterol               28  mg

total fat                  6.8  g

protein                    4.2  g

sodium                  138  mg

dietary fiber           0.1  g

calcium                    26  mg


Nutritional information provided by MasterCook II, 1996.  These profiles are meant to be approximate guides to nutrient contents of the recipe.  Those persons on special diets may require more specific nutrient data and should consult their personal physicians, registered dietitians, and/or food manufacturers

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